Online Holiday Concert FAQ

Tell me more about online broadcasts.

PSO online broadcasts are pre-recorded performances that you can stream (view) on-demand from your computer, phone, tablet or smart TV. An internet connection or data plan is required.

How do I purchase a ticket?

Find details about the holiday concert by clicking on the “Brass Quintet Holiday Concert” title under 2020/21 Concert Series on the homepage. Tickets can be purchased by:

  1. Clicking on the “Get Tickets” button
  2. Directly via
  3. Calling the Showplace Box Office Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at (705) 742-7469 or (705) 760-6437.


  1. If you are purchasing online and your email is not being accepted it most likely means that you are already in the system, so please “Reset your password.”
  2. Hold tickets at Will Call / No Delivery Required” means that your “tickets” (i.e. concert link) is being held by the box office until the day of the show. On December 19 (or for the first time any time up to and including January 2), simply log back into your account and there will now be a “Live Tickets Available – View Live Tickets” button to take you to the “Watch” link to the concert.

To preview the full online ticket purchase process (with images), please see our “How to Purchase Tickets Online” guide.

Why is there flex pricing?

An online stream means that you can enjoy the performance from the comfort of your home and are therefore not paying for a specifically priced section in the concert hall. Additionally, we realize that COVID-19 has affected many in our community and so multiple prices allow you to choose your price based on your situation. When deciding your price, you might consider how many people in your household will be watching the performance, what you usually spend on attending a PSO concert, and whether you can pay a little more to support the PSO during this challenging time.

When and how do I access the online holiday concert broadcast?

During the purchase process the “Ticket Handling Delivery Method” defaults to “Hold tickets at Will Call / No Delivery Required” This simply means that your “ticket” (i.e. concert link) is being held by the box office until the day of the show. To view the broadcast on the evening of December 19 (or for the first time any time up to and including January 2), simply log in back into your Showplace account and click on the “Live Tickets Available – View Live Tickets” button. This will take you to a “Watch” button which you will click to enjoy the concert! We highly recommend logging in to your Showplace account account 10-15 minutes before the broadcast begins. You can re-access the broadcast by logging into your Showplace online account at any time during the concert availability period.

For complete details (with images) please read our complete “How to Watch an Online Event” guide.

Can members of my household watch the holiday concert broadcast at the same time on multiple devices?

Yes! Household members can watch the broadcast simultaneously on multiple devices (for example, one person watching on a laptop and another watching on a smart TV). 

Can I share the holiday concert broadcast with people outside of my household?

We ask that you please treat an online broadcast as you would a regular concert ticket. Broadcast links will not be made available publicly and are meant to be enjoyed within a household. Additionally, we do not recommend you share your online account login information and password as it contains sensitive information related to your Showplace account.

What should I do if I am experiencing technical difficulties while viewing the online concert?

PSO performances are broadcast on the Vimeo platform. New technologies can be challenging so please refer to the following links to help ensure an enjoyable viewing experience:

  • System Requirements for viewing, browsing, and apps here
  • If you have Apple TV, a Google Chromecast device, Android TV device, a device with Chromecast built-in, or smart TV, you can cast the broadcast to your television or mirror the screen depending on the device. AirPlay and Chromecast information here
  • Playback quality and buffering issues here
  • Audio quality: Your built-in speakers may not provide sufficient audio quality to get the musical experience that you are anticipating. If you have external speakers, we recommend using those to listen to the broadcast.

Can I re-watch the holiday concert broadcast?

Yes! When you purchase a PSO Brass Quintet Holiday Concert ticket you will gain access to view the performance as often as you like for a period of 14 days after the premiere. Simply log in to your Showplace online account to re-access.

I still have questions! How can I get further assistance?

PSO staff are working remotely during this time and can be reached by email at or voicemail at (705) 742-1992.