Sarah Lazure

Sarah Lazure General Manager

Sarah Lazure is a Peterborough native who attended the PCVS Integrated Arts Program for visual and dramatic arts. Though relatively new to orchestral music by comparison, she has had a lifelong passion for the arts and enjoys many creative pursuits including writing, photography, drawing and jewellery making.

Sarah is trained in communications design, project management, and not-for-profit leadership. She is a graduate of the University of Toronto and Fleming College, and has worked as a communications designer and project coordinator with various arts, cultural, environmental and service organizations in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Sarah can be reached by phone at 705-775-4516 or sarah [at]

Chris Reynard Stage Manager

Chris Reynard manages the magic behind the curtain at concerts, ensuring a professional concert experience for patrons and musicians alike. Although he calls Peterborough home, Chris’ work takes him all over Canada from musicals in Toronto’s theatre district to touring artists’ engagements from coast to coast.

Lorne Grossman Personnel Manager

Lorne Grossman is the orchestra timpanist and manages out-of-town musicians who join us on occasion. He freelances professionally.